North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 3 OZ.



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North Winds Premium

Why North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

North Winds Premium Pure Run Freeze Dried Treats are a perfect treat for training or reward. Made with just a single protein and a single ingredient. Each treat is 100% freeze dried in it’s purest form so every bite is nutrient rich, carbohydrate free, and since there aren’t any other added ingredients or fillers, Haven Freeze Dried Treats are a prime choice for dogs with sensitivities.

Pure beef liver as the only ingredient

Grain & Gluten Free

Great for training or reward

Why North Winds Premium?
Our company is inspired by the nature around us to produce the best in pet food and care. We’re family owned and operated in beautiful Northern, Minnesota and if you’ve been here, it’s easy to see what inspires us. From the rolling plains, to the thick and green forests, to the rocky shores and Lake Superior, it doesn’t take long to be caught nature’s abundance and be inspired.

Our goal from the beginning was simple, to provide pet owners and their animals with thoughtful formulas and solutions that they can trust. Nutrition is essential for our pets and we take that seriously, that’s why each of our solutions is meat dense, high in calorie, to exceed a pets diet and needs without unnatural fillers or suspect ingredients. We love our pets, so we want them happy, healthy, and moving forward on the trail with you or by your side. After all, at the beginning of every trail, should be a tail, and your pet wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We’re passionate about the pets we feed, the customers who love them, and the communities we serve.

Why Freeze Dried?
Freeze drying keeps in the healthy goodness of each single ingredient intact so your pet will be have an easily digestible and nutrient dense treat. Because we use the freeze drying process, we’re able to also not have to use any starches to hold the treat together, all that remains is a real meat treat packed with vitamins and minerals.. We’re inspired by the nature around us and use the dog’s ancestral diet as a guide to make the pinnacle of pet treats.

Our Family Promise to you
Since 1992 our family has been dedicated to quality pet care for your pets. As pet owners we realize the importance of finding the best products that are both from responsible and trusted sources. We are proud to offer North Winds Premium as an extension of our commitment to you and your pet’s health.

Nourish Adventure
Embark on a journey with your noble pet to where you can create your own path, make your own adventure, and experience where nature becomes life. From wild woods, to awe inspiring lakes, endless rivers, and dazzling heights, your pet would not be far behind. Inspired by nature North Winds Premium was created to be a diet perfect for your devoted pet as they accompany you on your next journey.

At North Winds Premium, we source the highest quality ingredients from rivers, oceans, farms, pastures, and fields. Each recipe is crafted in small batches with high quality proteins from trustworthy and responsible sources. Each recipe is infused with powerful antioxidants derived from super foods to support a healthy immune system. We proudly supplement each formula with vitamins and minerals to complete and balance each formula to help keep your pet in peak condition. Because this food does not contain common allergens, it is a great choice for pets with sensitivities.

North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats Ingredients 
Beef Liver

North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, Min 55.00% 

Crude Fat, Min 4.00%
Crude Fiber, Max 1.00%
Moisture, Max 6.50%

North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats Feeding Guidelines
To be used as a treat or reward only.

North Winds Premium Pure Run Beef Liver Freeze Dried Dog Treats Calorie Content
3,277 kcal/kg (99.0) kcal/oz