Helpful pet tips for the 4th of July!

The 4th of July is a wonderful day to celebrate with loved ones, but we want to keep our pets happy and safe, so a great day, would not be followed by a stressful day. Read these helpful tips to ensure a safe and happy celebration.

Let your pet be in their happy place!

Remember that the 4th of July can be very stressful for your dogs and even for you when you worry about them! The sounds of fireworks, commotion, and more may make your dog nervous. If your dog loves being in a crate that's okay! Secure windows and doors as it is one days that pets go missing.
Give them a special blanket and let them have an area all to themselves. Chill music or covering the windows/windowless rooms will definitely help too! White noise does wonders for dogs!

Anti anxiety medications and tools

There are definitely options for your dog during this time! Use a Thundershirt that we carry each day, hemp products, or anti anxiety chews! We have so many options in different strengths. Stop in and we can help you!
Thundershirts are a HUG for your dog! Its a nice way to make your pooch feel comfortable and safe with thunderstorms as well as fireworks.
Many chews use natural products like hemp, melatonin, and flower essences to keep your dog calm. Make sure you do it a half hour before hand.
Hemp extract is a super popular product this time of the year. Just drop the recommended amount under their tongue or in their cheek and it typically works in 15 minutes or less. We carry 3 different strengths in the store so every dog should be covered.

Pet ID tags & microchips

Make sure you have have up to date ID tags and microchips! It'll be a fantastic way to help return your pet to your home. At Pets Plus, we do this in house if needed and takes only 5 minutes or less. 52% of microchipped dogs and 38% of microchipped cats make their way home from the shelters.
Keep their food, theirs!
Dogs will want to have what you're having at the grill, but heads up as corn cobs, chicken bones, and other leftovers may have harmful effects on their gut! Chocolate, avocado, and alcohol are toxic to dogs, so we'll make sure to keep them separated from your pets. Don't let your good time be their bad time.

Make sure to keep an eye out for other dangerous goodies!

Lighter fluid, ingesting sun screen, bug spray, and citronella oil from candles can do quite a bit of damage to your dog as well! Make sure to keep your pet away from these harmful, everyday products, especially when there is so much commotion, but also take the time to keep your pet away from fireworks, as they can cause severe burns.
June 30, 2023 — Pets Plus Inc.