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North Winds Premium Dry Dog Food

Our Dry Dog Food is protein dense and full of healthy ingredients without the harmful fillers you get with big box brands.

North Winds Premium Peak Chaser Chews

Peak Chaser Chews are made from yak cheese, making them a very healthy chew that will keep your dog busy.

North Winds Premium WET Cat Food

Our Wet Cat Food provides a balanced and nutritional meal for cats of all ages and activity levels.

Why North Winds Premium Products?

Our company is inspired by the nature around us to produce the best in pet food and care. We’re family owned and operated in beautiful Northern Minnesota and if you’ve been here, it’s easy to see what inspires us. From the rolling plains, to the thick and green forests, to the rocky shores and Lake Superior, it doesn’t take long to be caught nature’s abundance and be inspired.

We love our pets, so we want them happy, healthy, and moving forward on the trail with you or by your side. After all, at the beginning of every trail, should be a tail, and your pet wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

See what our customers are saying:
See what our customers are saying:
5 Stars! They are always so friendly and helpful with all of our pet's needs!
— Calli Ferdig
See what our customers are saying:
I absolutely love this store! They are always very friendly and willing to help in any way they can. I won't shop for my pets anywhere else!
— Robyn Davis
See what our customers are saying:
I ordered a bag of dogfood on Wednesday morning and it arrived Thursday early afternoon! Just a little over 24 hours!
— Greg Sewald

6 Safe Alternatives To Rawhide Chews!

Did you know that rawhide chews are harmful for your dog? They don't break down easily in your dog's stomach, which can cause major health issues.

In this video, Chris goes over some of our best alternatives to rawhide chews! These options will keep your dog entertained and safe for hours.

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North Winds Premium is a premium pet food company that specializes in natural and top-quality pet food and pet care products.

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We have developed several lines of healthy pet foods, treats and supplements to keep your pets living life to the fullest.

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