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Explore our hand picked dog chews and treats! Here you will find our Peak Chaser Chews and Freeze-Dried Treats, carefully crafted to satisfy your furry friend's primal cravings while promoting dental health.

We also carry a variety of bones and pig ears to keep your dog busy. Dive into a world of flavors that your dog will love, tail-wagging guaranteed.

You have to try these!

Bully Sticks That Don't Stink!

We have tried hundreds of bully sticks over 20 years, and dog owners agree that these are the best. Hand washed and hand trimmed, these bully sticks are stink free and made in the USA!

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Peak Chaser Chews

Featuring 4 simple ingredients, our Peak Chaser Chews are one of our best-selling dog chews and a favorite among our local pups. The best part? They're tough!

Freeze Dried Treats

North Winds Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Treats offer a nutritious, flavorful snacking option, made from natural ingredients and preserved through freeze-drying for freshness.

All natural Bones

All Natural Bones by North Winds Premium. These bones are sourced from quality, natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and enriching chew experience.


These unique chews have been a hit at our store! Keep your dog busy for hours with coffee wood chews.



Responsibly sourced in the USA, our North Winds Premium Pig Ears are an excellent choice for dogs of all breeds and sizes!

Why feed North winds premium dog treats?

Just like you, we believe our canine companions deserve the very best.

That's why we developed North Winds Premium Dog Chews and Treats, including our top-notch freeze-dried options. These treats aren't just delicious; they're crafted from premium, healthy ingredients to support your dog's vitality and well-being across all life stages.

With North Winds Premium, you're not just offering a treat; you're enhancing your dog's health and happiness with every bite.

Freeze Dried Dog Food & Treats

Nutrition without the mess.

North Winds Premium freeze dried dog food & treats are loaded with nutrients that your dog needs, while keeping a rich flavor and leaving the mess at home. They are a packable treat perfect for on-the-go snacking!