One of the biggest risks with rawhide bones is the fact that they don't digest well. This can lead to chunks of rawhide bone being lodged in your dog's stomach or digestive tract, causing blockages and other health issues.


In this short video, Chris goes over a few of the best options available today for rawhide bone alternatives. We have several of these bones and chews available on our website and we'll ship them right to your door! We also carry the full line in our store in Bemidji, Minnesota as well.


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Option 1: Frankly Original Beefy Chew

These chews are a great option for smaller dogs, as they can't always haul around the large chews that we'll cover in a moment. Frankly is made in Wisconsin and they use food grade sources in their products. They're also environmentally friendly, all of the water used in their manufacturing process is cleaned and recycled!


Option 2: Frankly Original Beef Roll

This is one of our top selling alternatives to rawhide bones in the store today. You could take a regular rawhide bone, put it in boiling water and very little will happen. It may shrink a little and that's it. This Frankly Beef Roll would turn into a paste, which really speaks to it's digestibility. This option is larger and suits the bigger breeds better than the collagen chew.


Option 3: Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Earth Animal describes their chews as 'delicious and digestible treats that keep dogs (and cats!) blissfully content.' After carrying them in our store for awhile, we definitely agree!


What we love the most about these chews is they can be flavored with many different options and proteins. You can get venison, beef and chicken chews. We love it when companies provide different protein options like this, it gives every pup an option regardless of allergies or taste preference.


Option 4: North Winds Premium Peak Chaser Chew

This is arguably the longest lasting chew of the bunch, and we always recommend these to dogs that really like to persistently chew their treats and bones. This is a store favorite for the simple fact that these chews are clean! You can give one to your pup and let them eat it on the carpet without any nasty staining or major chunks coming off.