Nutrisource Element: Nature's Intention, Perfected.

Nutrisource is known for making high end pet care products with high standards for safety and have been a customer favorite at our store in Bemidji, Minnesota for many years. We've been partnered with Nutrisource since the very beginning.


Element by Nutrisource comes in four diverse flavors and they are each biologically appropriate. This means high meat content, low carbs, no fillers, and a food meant to perform. Each recipe contains at least 83% protein in every bowl.


We love recommending high protein diets like the Nutrisource Element series to our customers in the store. After all, dogs are carnivores and finding a good food that imitates their ancestral diet is never a bad idea!




Nutrisource is picky about the quality of the ingredients that goes into every diet and they pay attention to the little things too. Remember, there may be only so many vitamins and minerals in your dogs body, but its how they react with your dogs system and how they absorb that truly matters.


That brings us to the main thing that sets Nutrisource apart: which is Nutrisource’s GOOD 4 LIFE PLUS system. This is a further adaptation of Good 4 Life system, and it was tweaked to support a high protein diet for your dog.


This goes on to to support digestion and proper nutrient utilization, making sure that your dog is getting the maximum amount of nutrition in each bite. This is extremely important with carnivores! When your dog eats, there are thousands of chemical reactions going on. It's very important for us to get the maximum amount of nutrient absorption in that amount of time!


Good For Life Plus helps your dogs heart and cognitive health, and it is also very good for their skin and coat as well. Our customers notice a big difference when they start feeding this food.


Good 4 Life Plus has a combination of mannan rich fractions, yucca, and yeast extract to optimize the microbiome necessary for full utilization of a high protein diet for your dog. Like I said, The little things matter and when you combine nature and science, you’re getting the best of both worlds.


The Element Series has so many awesome building blocks of nutrition that in the end, it’s difficult to find something in this food that doesn’t cover something, build a foundation towards your dogs better well being, and improve their daily function.


Each diet along with it’s high animal protein are all corn, wheat, soy, color, bha and bht free. Not any of the element series has legumes or potatoes either. From haddock, to bison, and everything in between, each diet has a blend of different proteins to have something for every dog. Nutrisource is known for making super palatable foods and element is no exception, combine that with the high meat content and you have a tasty food.


Element is also made in Minnesota using local ingredients whenever possible. If you watch enough of these videos you’ll see that our store is in Bemidji, Minnesota and we’re proud to be born and raised here, so I like to see our pet food companies in the area supporting local farmers.


The bottom of the bag:


The Element Series is made by Nutrisource pet foods from Minnesota, there are four different diets in this line as of 2022. Coastal Plains, Open Waters, Outback Trails, and Wildlands. Each diet is biologically appropriate with high protein and low carbs and doesn’t contain any fillers.


We’re real excited about this food and our feedback so far has been amazing, so give it a try! We have links below to help you find it and get it right to your door and into your dogs dish. This food gets some of our highest marks due to the company that makes it, the quality of the ingredients and where it’s sourced from, and it’s commitment to details. The Nutrisource Element Series is a high protein and low carb food that is sure to perform.

January 20, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.