We’ve all been there: Your friend has bad breath and you’re not sure what to tell them. Do you offer them a breath mint? Some gum? What if it’s man's best friend we’re talking about and they aren’t exactly interested in your mints?

Your dog’s teeth are one of the most important things to consider when thinking about their long term health. They obviously can’t brush their teeth as easily as we can, so it’s up to us as pet owners to ensure their dental health is covered.


Unlike us humans, who really only use our teeth for eating, Dogs use their teeth for many different things. They use them to eat their food, play with toys, as well as self care and grooming.


We’ve all watched dogs chew the ice out of their paws in the winter! Their teeth are very important, and we need to take care of them.


Now that we’ve established that dental care is super important for your pups, lets talk about some of the best options out there for keeping those teeth clean.


Number 1: Indigenous Dental Health Bones

These dental bones are made by a very interesting company called Indigenous Pet Products. They actually created and PATENTED the idea of the dental dog bone. More specifically, they identified a way to create a bone your dog can chew that will actually clean their teeth.


These bones are one of our bestselling products on our website right now. Pet owners really like them because they are available in so many different flavors, including smoked bacon. Many other dental products for pets -taste- more like a teeth cleaning product than a bone. These do not!


Part of the secret recipe with these bones is ascophyllum nodosum, a natural kelp harvested from the clean, cold North Atlantic seas of Canada, Iceland, and Norway. This kelp provides a rich source of nutrients without any harmful additives or preservatives.


These bones are also loaded with probiotics and Omega 3 and 6 vitamins. They are grain free, gluten free, and made with natural ingredients. We highly recommend them!


Shop: https://mypetsplus.com/indigenous-pet-products/


Number 2: Checkups Dental Dog Treats

The Checkups Dental Dog Treats are an absolute classic when it comes to dog dental care. They are a treat that can be given at any time, day or night! We usually recommend our customers feed these to their dogs right after a meal, similar to how we brush our teeth.


The Checkups Dental Dog Treats are advertised to reduce plaque by 25% and Tartar by up to 62%, which is honestly very impressive.


They are great for freshening up your pup’s breath and they even stimulate their gums, all while being easily digestible. Most of our customers who try these dental treats tend to return for them on a monthly basis, they really work well.


Number 3: North Winds Premium Peak Chaser Chews

If you’ve watched ANY of our other content, you have probably seen these chews mentioned already. When it comes to dental care for your dog, one tried-and-true way to clean their teeth is actually with a TOUGH chew.


This is where the North Winds Peak Chaser Chew comes in. The best part? As they gnaw away at it, they’re kept super busy and occupied while the tartar and plaque is removed from their teeth while they chew.


They are made from Yak Cheese from the mountains of Nepal, and our favorite part about them is they are virtually mess free. You really won’t have chunks break off, and they won’t leave a giant mess or stain on your floor like a typical dog bone.


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January 28, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.