Other then being cold, winter can be frustrating for a pet owner because of how dry it tends to be! As the winter months drag on, you may notice your dog scratching more and becoming irritated as the dry air makes their skin and coat a lot less comfortable.


Our first recommendation is North Winds True Course Salmon Oil. This is pure, 100% salmon oil that you just squirt right into the food and that’s it! We always recommend using a wild caught salmon oil due to the water they grow in and the fact that isn’t farmed raised, typically always means they’re eating a healthier diet in the wild as well. Wild Caught salmon oil tends to be more potent too!


You can find it here


There are other benefits from the immune system, to heart and kidney support, to reducing inflammation, to even helping support smarter puppies!


If squirting salmon oil on their food may not be your fancy, Nootie has Progility Skin and coat chew supplement. This will be a soft treat that you can just toss to your dog! Often they don’t even know it’s a supplement and more of a treat.


Progility Skin and Coat chew supplement is made with fish oil from anchovies, krill oil, and also flaxseed oil! It’s really hitting the solution from several directions! Small fatty fish like anchovies feast on krill oil but also have a bit shorter life, so you don’t have to worry about contaminants as well.


There are also probiotics to help absorb the fish oil and each treat is cold pressed. Even lightly steaming a product can cook out 50% of the nutrition, so nootie really wants to keep that good nutrition in, so they cold press to retain the maximum efficiency of all the active ingredients. This is really a great little treat and doesn’t beat you up on the price either for how good it is.


Finally there are many biscuits and treats you bring into dogs diet that will definitely help. They may not be as potent as the True Course Salmon Oil or the nootie, but definitely help.


Earthborn dog treats are awesome for situations like this though. They use our old friend salmon oil, as well as flaxseed and fish meals. Because Earthborn is big into their impact on the world, they’re big on getting ingredients from sustainable sources. Your dog won’t get as much as they would with a supplement, but often you can find really healthy treats that will definitely help out a ton!

February 14, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.