When it comes to pet food, there are a few truly exceptional companies that have pioneered the pet food industry and made it what it is today. The one we’re here to talk about today is Fromm Family Foods!


Fromm Family Foods is a family owned and operated pet food company that has been going strong for over FIVE generations. In fact, they still operate their original plant in Mequon, Wisconsin which was created in 1925!


While all of their research and development takes place in the Mequon planet, they have a location in Columbus, Wisconsin that handles dry foods and another location in Eden, Wisconsin that handles their canned foods.


In 1949, Fromm was the first company to come up with the concept of premium pet food! Back then, it was really anyone’s guess as to what was in your pet’s food. Fromm changed this and created the first all-granular pet food by cooking meat and grain together.


To this day, they still do not compromise on innovation and overall quality of their food products. Fromm employs dedicated teams that meticulously prepare each Fromm recipe using only premium ingredients.


It’s because of all of these factors that we choose to carry Fromm in our store. While their heritage in the pet food industry is impressive, the fact that they keep pushing forward with innovation that leads to highly nutritional pet food makes it a perfect fit for our store here in Bemidji.


If you’ve watched our other videos, or read any of our blogs, you know how seriously we take pet nutrition. We pay close attention to everything that’s in the foods we carry on our shelves, and we never recommend something to our customers that we wouldn’t feed to our own dogs.


When it comes to just about any Fromm Family Food, you hardly have to check the label. However, that is what we do here at Pets Plus and it's how we make the best recommendations for our customers when it comes to pet food! Lets jump in.




This is a dog food that is based on the original 1949 Fromm family recipe. Compared to many of the foods you’ll find on the market today, the classic recipe is a simple, holistic and balanced diet that is very affordable.


It’s made with a blend of chicken, oatmeal, brown rice, eggs and cheese and it also contains beet pulp. Beet pulp is sometimes referred to as the “fix it fiber” as it’s been proven to promote gut health in animals.




What’s interesting about Fromm Gold is it’s referred to as “life stage and lifestyle focused”. If you look at the different products lines within the Fromm Gold lineup, you’ll find something fitting for dogs (and cats!) of all ages and activity levels.


Fromm Gold can be an excellent choice for kittens, cats, and dogs of all sizes. There are also 3 different sub brands within the Fromm Gold category that all have their own characteristics.


There is the ‘original gold’ recipe, which consists of Chicken and Duck and is great for dogs and cats!




If you’ve ever been to our store in Bemidji, Minnesota, you’ve probably seen the aisle we have dedicated to Fromm Four Star. This is an excellent food line with several different whole grain and grain-free varieties.


The Fromm Four Star recipes contain extremely high levels of inclusion when it comes to meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. This means you’re actually getting what you pay for when you bring one of these bags up to the register.


These recipes are suitable for all life stages and there is no need for a transition period either. If you’re new to dog ownership or trying to solve a diet issue with your current pet this is a great option for you that is nearly risk free.




We talk a lot about bagged food, but Fromm recipes also include a few can recipes as well! These are a great choice for dogs and cats alike and it’s something we do not hesitate to recommend to our customers. Many of these diets are easy to digest and made with the exact same ingredients as the Fromm dry!


There is so much variety in the cans that it’s hard to find one your dog or cat won’t like. From consistency like tater hot dish like in Frommbayala, to pate’s, to also Fromm new diner cans!


We’re going to do an entire video about this, so make sure to subscribe to see the details, but the new diner cans are so fun. They include pates, stews, with one in pasta, and awesome puree’d cans! My dogs love them and there are six different flavors, so it’s easy to find one your dog will love!


FROMM Treats:


We are going to do an entire segment dedicated to Fromm treats and supplements in the near future. They have a ton of different options and varieties and it's almost impossible to cover everything in one blog or video!


That being said, the Fromm Chunchy O's are an iconic dog treat that you'll find on the shelves of almost any respectable pet supply store. With only 2 calories per treat, they are all but guaranteed to get your dogs attention while remaining a healthy treat option.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short history lesson and brand overview of Fromm Family Foods! We have carried this brand in our store for many, many years and they remain one of our favorite pet food brands for good reason

December 29, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.