Here are 3 of the most important tips we give dog owners at our store in Bemidji, Minnesota!

1: Flea and Tick Care.

Most pet owners know about the dangers of tick borne diseases, yet many of them don't remember to give their pets the proper tick protection until it's too late. It is much cheaper to take care of the tick threat before it's an issue, and your pet will thank you.

We have all of our flea and tick care products available here.

2: Make sure you dog proof your home! Dogs can be just like children.

They have the best intentions, but sometimes that shoe or TV remote is just too tempting! Sadly, it's usually the most well-behaved dogs that end up getting into something they shouldn't, and it can happen at any moment. Keep things up out of reach and give your house a once-over on a regular basis.

3: Unsupervised chewing.

We often get asked "Is it okay for me to leave a toy or chew in my dog's kennel while I'm at work?" and sadly the answer is no. Even the best toys and chews can have pieces break off and cause an issue. We hear about this way too often. Once again, pets can be like children and supervision is always recommended when it comes to chew toys and treats.

July 21, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.