With the 4th of July comes barbecues, celebrations, parades, and so much more. But it’s also important to keep your dog and cats safe this Independence day. Here are Helpful Tips for Dogs and Cats for the 4th of July.

Using Supplements For Fireworks

There are various Hemp Products that can help your pet with fireworks, as well as anxiety, stress, seizures, and pain. Our North Winds Premium True Course supplements are available in a dropper, making it easy to put in your dogs cheek or under their tongue. Naturvet also has hemp based Quiet Moments in a chewable form as well. Also the Relax Chews by Vital Essentials are specifically made to help your pet be calm and relaxed during the festivities.

Naturvet also makes non hemp Quiet Moments chews as well! Another great solution is the Nootie Calming aids that are naturally based with an effective combination of active ingredients that work together to reduce the stress and anxiety.

We understand that pet owners only want the best for their dogs, that’s why we hand pick all of our products through a rigorous testing process, insights from over 30 years of experience, as well as calling on our customer database for feedback.

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Tips For 4th of July Fireworks and Dogs

Be sure your pet is properly identified, either using a tag or a microchip or both. You always want to make it as easy as possible to get your dog or cat back home to you. Over 7.6 million animals are lost each year, but only 26% are returned to their owners.

Take an up date photo of your pet.

Before the evening activities, exercise your dog as much as you can! Use the chance to explore local trails, sights, but also take them to a water source where they can swim! There are even Toys like those by WestPaw that would are pet safe and float! Make sure you adhere to all local laws and rules, and please, pick up after your pet.

During cookouts, make sure to have people keep your pets away from flames and also charcoal, fireworks, glow sticks, and sparklers. Any of these items can be harmful if consumed by your pet and of course the fire may result in burns. Best to stay clear if possible.

To make sure you keep your dog away from table scraps, have Treats on hand that you can use to make sure they have the best treats on hand possible, and don’t have starch or wheat breads, sweet condiments, sugar laden candy, or any number of other foods that may create stomach upset.

Make sure your dog stays home during the fireworks! I know we want dogs or cats to be included in family actives, after all, they are all apart of the family. But fireworks can be deafening and terrifying for most dogs. Their hearing is so much better then ours and they will not have the rationalization of the celebration at hand.

Your best bet is keep your dog at home with soft music or a white noise playing to help soothe your pet, there are actually many playlists on Youtube made for dogs with fireworks or storms as well! I love freezing Canned Food for a frozen treat while the storms are happening to keep dogs nice and soothed, while preoccupying our loyal friends for hours.

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