There are thousands of different treats out there today, from hard chews to jerky and everything in between. One of our absolute favorite treats of all time is the Peak Chaser Chew from North Winds Premium, and in this article we'll go over why it's a store favorite and what makes it so special.

Peak Chaser chews start in the mountains of Nepal, where Everest is of course. People ask why there? It’s because that's where Yaks are! Cheese chews like this one are used by farmers in the Himalayans in small pieces and chewed on throughout the day: Similar to how people chew on bubble gum!


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The thing pet parents love most about these treats is how clean they are. Due to the way they are made, they are virtually waste free which makes them an excellent choice for pet parents on-the-go. They are also carpet safe, which is a big plus for keeping your house clean.


All North Winds Peak Chaser chews are made with just four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, with a pinch of salt and lime juice! That’s it! Pet parents love the simplicity! We can all agree that's its very nice not having to google weird ingredients found on other treat packaging. You really don't have that problem with North Winds treats.


How they’re actually made is a story in itself! First, yak milk is collected from farmers in Nepal. It’s collected and boiled with continuous stirring with a wooden paddle called a “Kelu”. During this process lime juice is added and after about 45 minutes, the white cheese begins to form. It’s then separated with a large bamboo sleeve called a “cherang”.


The cheese is then spread onto cotton cloth that is tied and pressed to drain all of the excess water. You can still see the markings of the cotton cloth on the side of each peak chaser, attesting to their handmade character.


This Yak cheese is cut into smaller pieces and then smoked for 30-45 days using a wood fire oven that makes each one nice and hard, but also imbued with a smoky flavor that dogs go nuts over.


The best part? You end up with a chew you can trust! There aren’t any artificial coloing, binding agents, sugars, gmos, or preservatives and is made in a facility that is certified by the state of California. Let's be real, we all know how hard it is to get ANYTHING approved in the state of California. It's especially true for items like this.



All Peak Chaser cheese chews have no odor, don’t stain and give you a long lasting treat, but remember each dog is different, my pitbull lab Riley takes a week or two for each treat. We do recommend this for dogs that do have their adult teeth due to it’s hardness. With that being said, it is a wonderful way to clean their teeth.


We're often asked where these chews rank in terms of durability and strength. In our experience they’re going to be much stronger then a pig ear, and a bully stick, and on par with a beef shin bone or beef center cut bone.


Remember how we mentioned there is hardly any waste? Here's what we mean. Often when we get to the bottom of a bully stick, we throw it away in fear of a dog choking by trying to swallow the remaining piece. When your peak chaser chew gets down there in size, take the last bit of the chew and toss it in the microwave for about 45-50 seconds and it puffs up! Like cheese popcorn! A perfect treat.


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