Few snacks go better with adventure than beef jerky. It's packable, super tasty and makes a day spent in the woods or on the road so much better.

Really, the only problem there is with beef jerky is it never seems like you have enough of it! Especially if you have to share it with someone...

We set out to solve part of this problem once and for all with our North Winds Premium Deep Trek Jerky. By simply bringing a bag of this jerky with you on your next adventure, you can keep your dog's paws out of your bag and in their own!

(We don't condone giving your dog human food... but we know accidents happen!)

One of the most popular treats that people love to give their dogs are jerky. There are a few different brands of dog jerky on the market today and while similar, some of them use ingredients you might want to avoid.

After all, as pet parents, we only want the best for our dogs!

At North Winds Premium, when we decided to make our own Jerky for dogs we wanted it to match our other products. If you’re familiar at all with our dog food, you know it’s one of the most responsibly sourced dog food options today. It is high in protein and you won't find any ingredients in it that do not belong there.

As we all know, the easiest way to your dog’s heart is through their stomach, and North Winds Premium Deep Trek Jerky will get you there fast!

Deep Trek Jerky is a semi soft treat that are made right here in the United States! There are four different flavors that will perk up even the pickiest noses:

  • Deep Trek Beef with Apple
  • Deep Trek Chicken with Sweet Potato
  • Deep Trek Salmon with Flaxseed
  • Deep Trek Turkey with Bacon

Each recipe sports meat as it’s first ingredient with a rich smoky flavor. Deep Trek Jerky treats can be broken down into smaller pieces for training for a small dog or left whole for a big dog.

They are perfect as a reward for a job well done, and they have enough calories to help keep your pup moving along on the trail. Personally, I love how there are extra benefits for the skin and coat with the Salmon and Flaxseed.

My dogs go ABSOLUTELY nuts over Turkey with Bacon! After all, who doesn’t love bacon?

None of our deep trek jerky recipes contain soy, wheat, or corn! After all, when have you EVER had a jerky with corn in it? Yuck! Other companies like to add products like these to their treats to bump up the weights or reduce the amount of meat they need to add to the product. We will never support that.

Our Deep Trek jerky does not contain BHA or BHT or artificial coloring either. I often mention to people that if your dog has any of that once in a while, it won’t be a big deal since it is not compounding daily. However, if you’re treating your dog to products that contain BHA or BHT, it can be harmful over the long term as it compounds in their body.

It's very similar to eating fast food. Is it okay to do every once in a while? Sure. Should you live off it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Absolutely not.

As with all of our North Winds Products, we wanted to give pet parents an option that you can trust, that’s tasty for your dog, all without having to worry about what’s in it!

Want to watch our video breakdown on this beef jerky?