In 2022 we launched our North Winds Premium wet cat food to the public with the sole intention of creating the best wet food for your cat!


Our goal is to make cat foods that are meant to fit a cats natural well being. That means having a species specific diet focused on the right amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for your cat. Cats are also chronically dehydrated due to not typically drinking enough water, unlike a dog, they often need to get their hydration from their food, where a dog may sit and drink from a bowl.


When you feed just dry food, you cat is not only getting the correct amount of moisture daily, but it is actually reducing the amount of moisture they need. Cats do need moisture (as well as dogs) to help combat constipation, poor nutrient absorption, and even issues urinating.


Cats can be picky! A high quality canned food like our North Winds Premium is made with real cuts of meat that is often blended with chicken, pumpkin, fish, or other amazing proteins to make a balanced diet that will also taste wonderful. The aroma of wet food, the taste, and texture will be often more appealing then kibble. Often with that being said, that’s why your cat will be excited when a can or pouch opens as opposed to just kibble being poured in the bowl. Our Rock Harbor line of food uses either a tuna base or a chicken base is incredibly palatable, perfect for picky cats.


We often want a food that is nutrient dense for our animals. Wet food is less processed, ours is real meal blended with vitamin, minerals, and sometimes vegetables. Because of this, the proteins s well as the nutrients are more bio available to make sure it’ll be easier to digest for your cat as well as better absorption. Remember, the more processing a product endures, the more it requires for your cat’s body to digest it.


Now onto our cans!


As of this date (November 10th, 2022), our Rock Harbor (named after the Minnesota’s North Shore harbors) comes in six varieties:








All of Rock Harbor cans are nutrient dense and are made with either tuna or chicken. Our tuna is made with the dark muscle meat which often contains some of the densest nutrition as well as the flavor that cats love. Our chicken diets are made with white chicken breast, just like we would eat.


Each canned food is free of grains, cereals, any artificial colors, or unneeded salt, with that being said, there are proper moisture levels, low sodium, as well as being made with some of the highest quality proteins you can find.


We are often asked why our canned food is made in Thailand. Thailand is often referred to the bread basket of Asia due to the large percentage of food that is grown or caught, like the tuna we use. Our partner in Thailand is strict about meeting labor laws, sustainable fishing, and meeting a high standard of quality with their foods. You’ll find the chicken will be of the same quality of the chicken you may purchase for yourself in a can.


Our Rock Harbor cat food line are all made with cuts of tuna or chicken, often combined with ocean fish, turkey, or even pumpkin to help aid with digestion to relax inflammation. Since there aren’t hardly any carbohydrates, your cat will also not put on unneeded weight, making for a wonderful diet that can be fed every day.


Check out our new cans here and you’ll find that our Rock Harbor cans compare to so many of what are on the market, but due to our goal of making a biologically fitting canned food, you’ll find a tasty, healthy diet, with high quality proteins, and complete with vitamins and minerals.


Many of our customers in our retail store have discovered our North Winds Premium Rock Harbor line are and using it to so much success, we’d love for you to try it too here on our website. Of diets are made for the customers that are discerning, don’t settle for less, and want a food that not only a cat food that tastes great, but also healthy for your feline friend.

November 10, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.