A little backstory


When Pets Plus started our North Winds Premium line of pet supplies in 2013, our goal was to make to best dog food and the best cat food that we ourselves would be proud to feed. But the story goes back past 2013 and into the early 90’s.


Jim and Mary Joy had a dog named Brutus who had an allergic reaction to the food that they were feeding and after researching a food, they had a pallet delivered to their home where it was hand unloaded into their basement and eventually, their garage. Each bag was handled by Jim & Mary and delivered to customers homes in between their regular jobs. In 1998, they decided to move into their Bemidji location, where as of November of 2022, it’s where Pets Plus and North Winds are operated out of today.


Each step of the way, Jim and Mary had to cut their own path for nearly thirty years. Pets Plus is 100% family owned and completely independent of any other pet food chains. Everything that happens in our store is handled by our small but dedicated team. We’re proud to be independent as it also allows us to make decisions quickly and always have the best for the customer in mind. But all of that started with Jim & May Joy starting their endeavor and making their own way. That is why we named our newest freeze dried dog food and our newest kibble, Trail Breaker.


Trail Breaker Freeze Dried


Freeze dried is at the pinnacle of pet nutrition and the start of each dogs health is digestibility and absorption of ingredients including proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Trail Breaker is 96% pork and enhanced with salmon oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil to promote a healthy skin and coat. Pumpkin, goats milk, and probiotics are also added to support digestion. The little things matter, so the diet is fortified with vitamins and minerals to make sure the food has a perfect balance for dogs well being.


Trail Breaker is also made with high fat and protein to mirror your pet’s ancestral diet and also made without grains. Freeze dried does not need a starch, so we do not have any reason to include grains or legumes. Trail Breaker is a low carbohydrate dog food as well. We source all of our protein from trustworthy and responsible sources, because every ingredient counts.


Trail Breaker Dry Food


Trail Breaker dry food is made with 88% animal based protein and utilizes high amounts of pork, chicken, turkey, and ocean fish with GMO free ancestral grains that are rich in nutrients. Trail Breaker uses antioxidant rich super foods such as beets, cranberries, pumpkin, tomatoes, and blueberries as well as botanicals such as turmeric and chamomile. Trail Breaker is then fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals to make a perfect balance for your dog’s well being. This diet is a meat based diet with high protein and fat, mirroring your pets ancestral diet while utilizing lower carbohydrates then many brands.


We do not use any by-products, corn, wheat, or soy, and as always we source all of our ingredients from responsible and trustworthy sources. This diet is perfect for puppies all the way through adults. Because of what is not in the food, it’s prime for those dogs with sensitivities.


North Winds Premium Haven Trail Breaker dry & freeze dried dog foods are optimal formulas made to deliver on the promises by Pets Plus and North Winds Premium to offer healthy recipes for the longevity of your dog. For that reason, we’re proud to name our food Trail Breaker after the path that was made by Jim and Mary Joy thirty years ago. North Winds Premium is and has been inspired by so much. Living in beautiful northern, Minnesota, it is hard not to be inspired by nature and it’s wonderful bounty. Jim and Mary Joy also have shared this love for years, and now into our second generation, we will continue to share our love of pets and nature with you. Our products reflect where we’re from and our commitment to helping each dog hit the trail. Because at the head of every trail should always be a tail.

November 29, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.