Freeze Dried Coated Dog Treats

North Winds Premium is proud to introduce our Sky Gazer dog treats that are coated and enhanced with freeze dried protein. So many dog treats on the market are made often plant based with high amounts of carbohydrates. Our goal was simple, so create a treat that dogs will love, that will be good amounts of protein, fat, super foods, while being low on carbohydrates as well as being sourced responsibly.

Sky Gazer treats have 84% of their protein coming from chicken, turkey, ocean fish meal, as well as either freeze dried beef, chicken, or elk & venison. Sky Gazer Dog treats use ancient grains that are rich in nutrients with offer many health benefits. At North Winds, we also want each of our treats to have a purpose, so we infused each treat with super foods, coat supplements, as well as adding essential vitamins and minerals to ensure each bite has a benefit. As the finishing touch, we coat every treat with freeze dried.

Our freeze dried enhancement that coats each treat is either beef, chicken, or a combination of elk & venison. Nutrient dense freeze dried organ meat delivers easily absorbed vitamins and nutrients as well as making each treat super palatable. Even when you’re done with the bag, sprinkle the remainder on their freeze dried, canned, or kibble, to make sure you are able to take advantage of every benefit.

North Winds Premium Sky Gazer Dog Treats with Freeze Dried is perfect for a wholesome treat or reward, as well as having the health benefits that any dog, either on the trail, in the yard, or needing extra supports for their joints, digestion, or their skin & coat. These dog treats are made in the USA without any harmful colors, fillers, or artificial preservatives, and since they do not have corn, wheat, soy, by-products, or fillers, they are a prime choice for dogs with sensitivities.

December 26, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.