Halloween is fast approaching and that means tons of people are moving about, candy, costumes, and more! But for pets it can be a little different and a little scary! Please follow these guidelines for a safe and happy Halloween that everyone can enjoy.




Keep your pets away from candy! There is candy such as chocolate that we know is harmful for your pet, but there are so many others too (including the wrappers!). So please make sure you keep bowls up and your pet away from the sweets. They’ll appreciate you in the long run for keeping them safe.




Decorative plants, dry ice, and fire lit pumpkins are pretty amazing as far as decorations go, but not so much for your pets. Dry ice and plants can be dangerous if consumed. Fire lit jack-o-lanterns could prove to be a fire hazard if tipped over as well! Often we recommend using plush pet toys for decorations!




Make sure not to force your pet into costumes. Some dogs and cats may prefer to be in their birthday suits for Halloween!


Walking Your Dog At Night


There are reflective leashes, collars, light up attachments, light up collars, and vests your pet can wear to help people see your pet better at night, also make sure you keep your yard and driveway well lit so everyone can see your pets too. Remember there are a lot of people moving around at Halloween, so we want to make sure it’s easy to see dogs and cats, especially since many people may not be familiar with your area.




Pets can be spooked with all the activity around Halloween so please make sure to have your pet identified with a tag or a microchip. Halloween is one of the days that pets get lost more then any other day. Stop by our location in Bemidji, Minnesota if you’re needing a tag!


It’s okay if your pet is a party pooper!


With all the commotion of knocking, doors, and strangers in a house, dogs can be easily overwhelmed! We recommend your pet being in a quiet room away from the party with a comfortable bed so help relax. Keep your cats indoors and safe.




In our store at Pets Plus, we carry many supplements to help with calming including North Winds Premium Hemp Extract for dogs & cats that defiantly help with anxiety caused by knocks on the doors, strangers, and the general noise that comes with trick or treaters.

October 29, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.