At our Brick & Mortar store, we often see the amazing benefits of giving your dog high quality pet food as well as high quality supplements daily. Our customers love to see healthy, happy dogs with shining coats and energy to match, but often, they look towards low quality treats that may have allergens or suspect ingredients.


That’s why when we develop our treats to be healthy in so many ways. Let’s take a look into why we make our North Winds Treats the way we do!


Sky Gazer Treats


Our brand new Sky Gazer treats come with either Beef, Chicken, or Elk & Venison. These will be hard bites about the size of four quarters stacked upon each other. Each biscuit has many of the special attributes we use in our food, such as coconut, flaxseed, salmon oil, cod liver oil as well as fruits, vegetables, botanicals, of course, made with a high amount of quality proteins and fat (in high supply).



Companies often love the use high starch, high carbohydrate ingredients, that dogs just plain don’t do as well with. Why do companies put these ingredients in? It’s because they’re affordable and easy to cook with, Starches often work well to hold a treat together but offer little in the way of nutrition. Also, if they use corn, wheat or soy, they’re common allergens that make any protein harder to absorb for your dog.


Sky Gazer treats have the minimum mount of starch to hold the treat together, but we never use corn, wheat, soy, by-products, or fillers. Often corn, wheat, and soy will boost protein, but because meat protein is the most expensive part, they can “add” protein to the food at the expense of spiking blood sugar. But of course, we would want our protein base to be biologically appropriate.


There aren’t any harmful dyes either. Just straight forward, healthy nutrition, and best yet, we coated each treat freeze dried meat.


This will give your dog a little less carbs in each bite, but ensuring your dog will love it too! A beneficial flavor enhancer instead of anything artificial.


Despite what anyone tells you, dogs are still carnivores and with a treat or anything baked, you’ll often still need a starch to hold it together, so often we use ancient grains that are GMO free. The benefit is that you get a carbohydrate source that is also going to promote smooth blood sugar and have many essential vitamins and minerals.


Our Sky Gazer treats are perfect for training, reward, and when you are low in the bag, just mix it into their food for healthy nutrition.


Deep Trek Jerky


We use our nature knows best philosophy to make Deep Trek jerky. Not all treats are made equally, even softer ones. Many will use corn, wheat, or soy as our does not. We use meat dense ingredients as well as a few positive starches to hold each jerky together (otherwise it’ll crumble) and finally, we add a rich a smokey flavor.


Deep Trek jerky is filled full of energy and can be easily torn into smaller pieces to help train your pet and come in four amazing flavors, so if a dog has a sensitivity or an allergy, no matter what, you’ll have options.


Haven Freeze Dried


If you have read this far, you’ll know that we have a focus on meat and low carbohydrates. So why not go all meat and completely cut out carbohydrates? That’s why our Haven treats are a perfect fit for every dog. Haven Freeze dried treats are 100% beef liver, chicken breast, or lamb liver and since each treat is freeze dried, not any of the nutrition has been cooked out.


Meat in it’s purest form without any harmful ingredients or fillers, Haven treats are a wonderful supplemental treat to pets with diabetes, can help with weight loss, or a wonderful treat for training or a reward well done. I highly recommend freeze dried treats each day in the store because there isn’t anything that isn’t supposed to be there, period. Just pure nutrition as nature intended.


In conclusion, make everything you give your pet, has a benefit. I really love when customers feed a healthy dog food but I often am surprised when the “dairy bones” are fed to a dog that are carb heavy, low in meat, high in dyes, and have absolutely no health benefit. Or when a person has a pet with allergies that doesn’t consider the treats since there might be not as many of them. Each ingredient matters and especially for pets having larger issues, it’s important that consistency is key.


At Pets Plus, we want to make to keep your pet moving forward on the trail or anywhere, our goal is keep them healthy and happy for each step of the way. So always take time to look into, be concerning about the treats you give your dog, and make a helpful choice for their well being as those little things may not seem big, but cause issue in the future. As pet owners we can only control so much of what your pet eats, so why not do it positively and feed a treat that not only they love, but will help their well being.


If you’d like, please try our treats out, some of our products may need a little different at first, but our North Winds line is always made with your pets well being and your trust in mind.

October 27, 2022 — Pets Plus Inc.