The raw diet has been growing in popularity with pet owners who are concerned about whether or not their dogs are getting the right amount of nutrients in their diets. However, the complexities of feeding dogs a “raw” diet often make it difficult to manage, especially when compared to the convenience of traditional kibble.

Freeze-dried dog food offers a way for pet owners to get their pups the high-quality nutrients found in fresh meats without the hassle and risks of actually handling them raw. Instead of processing and using preservatives to retain the integrity of the product, the freeze-drying process essentially locks in the nutrients of raw meat while also making it easy to physically handle.

This is a boon for pet owners who simply want what’s best for their dogs. Once you realize how important nutrition is in terms of the health and long-term well-being of your dog, it becomes a priority to know how to improve their diet with the right kinds of products. The following information will help you make better decisions when it comes to feeding your dog and making sure they have what they need to be healthy.

How Other Kinds of Dog Food Stack Up

You might be wondering what’s wrong with wet food and kibble? Dog owners have been relying on these foods for decades without much of an issue, or at least that’s the way it might seem on the surface.

The truth is that many dogs are suffering from a wide range of different issues, many of which are related to the nutrients they receive in their diets. From thin coats to dry skin, dental problems, poor digestion, and serious issues such as cancer and heart disease, many of our pets are dealing with the same kinds of issues we are, in fact. This becomes especially apparent in old age, where various problems escalate and snowball, growing in severity.

While certainly not all health issues can be mitigated or circumvented through a higher-quality diet, it is worth noting that the links between diet and health in dogs are well-established. While you don’t want to panic and beat yourself up because you have settled for mass-market chow for your pet up until this point, it’s something worth pondering. Highly-processed foods that don’t have the same level of bioavailable nutrition may not be enough for your dog. The immediate effects of a poor diet won’t manifest, of course. Just as with our health, the results of a poor diet typically take years to appear, because it is a sign that the body is wearing down or not getting what it needs over the course of a long period of time.

This is not to say that the right kinds of dry dog food and wet food aren’t good enough for your pet. In fact, many brands go that extra mile to make sure they use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, and formulas in order to ensure that your dog is getting what they need. When it comes to these kinds of dog food, certain measures are taken to mitigate the degradation of the nutrients, and through the use of added vitamins and minerals, these foods often do the trick in most cases.

However, there is a certain logic when it comes to raw diet proponents. After all, dogs survived for millions of years eating food that was not processed at all. Raw meat has certain trace nutrients that may be difficult to come by otherwise, not to mention higher quality fat and protein. The question is then, how can you feed your dog a diet that includes raw meat?

Exploring the Raw Diet For Your Dog

Clearly, the idea of purchasing raw meat from a butcher just to feed your dog might seem a bit overwhelming and over the top. There is certainly an unappealing aspect to going through this, especially in terms of practicality. Who has time to chop up raw meat and go through a bunch of extra safety precautions every time your dog wants a nibble?

Freeze-dried dog food allows pet owners to take advantage of the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet without any of the mess and potential headaches. You have to wonder, however, is the “raw” diet really worth going to all this trouble over? Are there really special benefits to going raw, or is it all just a trend?

There actually are clear benefits to feeding your dog raw food. It’s important to keep in mind first of all that the digestive systems of small animals such as dogs and cats are much more delicate than ours, and require very specific foods in order to keep in balance. The reason why so many house pets tend to develop digestive issues is due in large part because they aren’t getting enough of the foods that they are biologically suited for. Your dog wasn’t meant to eat processed beef and corn, which should come as no surprise, but is worth pointing out nonetheless.

These processed foods, lacking certain nutrients, ruin the microbiome of your pet. Raw foods on the other hand may aid your pet’s digestive system by providing them with a more natural food source that they are better suited for.

The quality of the nutrients is also superior, in most cases, when we’re talking about raw dog food. This means that there is a better chance that your pet can actually utilize the nutrients in question and that they will have a greater impact. One of the reasons this may be the case is because the nutrients in raw meat are still in their natural state, which means they are connected with all of the other nutrients, which dogs have grown accustomed to digesting for millions of years. This kind of primal means of getting nutrition has a certain school of thought, known as wild feeding, wild dog feeding, or the evolutionary diet.

While no one would mistake a pug for a wolf, that doesn’t mean their nutritional needs aren’t almost identical. There’s actually very little in terms of the difference between the digestive systems of most dog breeds and that of their ancestors, which stands to reason that raw meat should be something that is a big part of your dog’s diet.

Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food is Perfect For Health-Conscious Pet Owners

The idea of dealing with raw meat every time you have to feed your dog may not sit well with you, and for good reason. Not only does it sound like a logistical nightmare, but it would also be a health risk. You would have to constantly remember to wash your hands, and then you have to wonder if the meat you are purchasing is even safe for your dog. While dogs do have much stronger stomachs than we do and are far better suited for fighting the kinds of bacteria that are on raw meat, it doesn’t mean that they are completely protected.

Another reason why feeding your dog a strictly raw meat diet would be difficult is the cost. While you should expect to pay a little more for premium dog food that contains beneficial ingredients, buying nothing but raw meat for your dog would quickly burn a hole in your wallet.

This is why freeze-dried dog food may be the perfect choice for your pet if you are concerned about their health or simply want to make sure they are eating well. You get all of the potential benefits of raw food without the mess, sanitation issues, and costs associated with having to manage and prepare an ongoing supply of raw meat.

In fact, high-quality freeze-dried options are just as convenient as kibble, and your dog won’t be able to get enough of them. Dogs love the smell and taste of raw meat, and you can feel confident knowing that your pet is enjoying a better kind of food.

There are a few other benefits to freeze-dried food if you are looking at your dog’s health overall. Raw food is not only easier to digest for most dogs, but it may also result in less gas and cleaner stools. Another reason why this kind of food is beneficial is that it can help your dog keep his or her teeth clean, which also results in fresher breath.


One other area that concerns many dogs is allergies. Natural freeze-dried raw dog food rarely causes allergies, because it is made entirely of raw meat and contains no additives, filler, or grains that could potentially trigger your dog’s immune system. If you have noticed that your dog often develops allergies to certain foods, they are certainly a candidate for a diet change rather than settling for medicating them.

For pet owners who want to start feeding their dogs raw food but don’t want to deal with the additional hassle and issues that come with having to handle raw meat, freeze-dried is unquestionably the best option. Not only are high-quality freeze-dried dog foods better for your dog than most other varieties, but they are also just as easy to feed to your dog. You won’t have to switch anything about the way you handle feeding time, but your dog will certainly notice!

Expect More From The Food You Feed Your Dog

Keeping your dog healthy requires a balanced diet that contains optimal nutrition, with care toward the integrity of the nutrients, the taste, and the overall formulas used as well. In that regard, we have everything you need right here in our store to make sure you can provide your dog with what they need.

North Winds Sun Seeker Dry Food

You should learn to expect more when it comes to the quality of your pet’s food. We have grown somewhat accustomed to “pet food” being subpar, but the reality is that your pet deserves the best quality you can find, with raw ingredients and minimally processed options that they will truly love.

As pet owners, it can be difficult at times to know exactly what to get our pets. There are dozens of different brands out there that all make the claim that they are good for your pet, but this is why you need to develop a discerning eye. Not all pet foods contain the same kinds of ingredients, and even many “grain-free” foods aren’t necessarily the best for your pup.

In fact, certain high-quality food options that we carry here in our store contain nutrient-rich ancient grains such as quinoa that dogs love and that can help provide them with a balanced diet. It’s important not to get caught up with buzzwords and trends and only focus on quality when it comes to what you feed your dog.

Here at My Pets Plus, we have worked hard to provide only top quality dog food in our store, so that you can purchase in complete confidence. Not only do we have plenty of dry foods and the best wet dog food around, but we also have a wide variety of high-quality freeze-dried dog food that is perfect for pet owners who want to start incorporating more “raw” meat into their pet’s diet.

When you shop for your pet’s dinner, sometimes it’s worth thinking about their ancestral needs. What would they be hunting for in the wild? What is best suited for their digestive system and what will help them lead strong and happy lives well into old age? For most dogs, the answer is simple: higher-quality animal proteins, no fillers or chemicals, only complete and balanced nutrition the way nature intended.

That’s what you are going to find here in our online pet food store. Products formulated with the wild side of your pet in mind, to truly feed their needs in the best way possible. You can order these high-quality pet foods online and have them delivered right to your home, so you don’t even have to worry about trying to find these items anywhere else.

Shop My Pets Plus today and your dog is sure to notice the difference!

July 28, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.