Whether you're a new cat owner or you've had one for many years, you may be looking for some new treats and toys to keep things interesting! Here is a list of our top 3 bestselling cat products this year at Pets Plus in Bemidji, Minnesota.

1) Weruva Cat Food

Weruva is an awesome cat food made in a human grade facility in Thailand. Thailand is known for being close to fish geographically and if you have bought canned tuna or chicken at the store, there is a good chance you have purchased food from the very same place!


Weruva is a family owned company that wants to have real ingredients for your cat, focus on hydration, as well as a high palability! Each diet is LOADED is protein as well! The part I love the most is that Weruva has so many different textures and flavors. The one at our store that sticks out the most is the Weruva Pate!


Weruva Pate flies off the shelf and is an overall wonderful diet. You used to think you had to compromise between feeding a healthy food and one that tastes good, now you know!


2) Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Treats

It can be so tricky finding good freeze dried treats for your cat. Cats are notoriously picky eaters, and Vital Essentials has got cat treats 100% figured out when it comes to taste and texture. Your cat will LOVE these! It’s often a single protein and since it’s freeze dried, all the nutrition is there, but in a form we can just hand out! This year cats have loved Vital Essential Freeze Dried treats, especially the Minnows! These are literally minnows that have been freeze dried and YES! Your cat can eat the entire thing!


It's honestly surprising how many of these we go through! That being said, it's not just the minnows that cats love. Vital Essentials has a ton of different cat treats and we stock all of them online and in our store. There is a wonderful variety here and they are a great company located out of Wisconsin.


Shop Freeze Dried Treats


3) Meowijuana!

Meowijuana is organically grown catnip that is safe for your cat! Our favorites are the toys and the treats!


Each toy is interactive with your cat as well as being loaded with their organic catnip and are just really fun. Customers really love a chance to not only give their cats something great, but to do it with them. Such an easy way to connect with your cat.


Meowijuana also has some awesome treats too! Super tasty and each of the three recipies has a catnip flavored center making for a purfect bite!


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July 28, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.
Tags: cats