Most dogs can’t resist a nice bowl of wet food, but if you want to make sure your pet is getting the proper amount of nutrients in their diet, you want to go out of your way to make sure the brands of dog food you are purchasing are of the highest quality.


The best wet food for dogs includes a variety of vitamin-rich vegetables, berries, fruits, healthy grains, and choice protein-rich meats, that offer a more balanced diet for your pet. While all dog food companies are held to the same minimum standards, what’s also true is that the bare minimum truly doesn’t take into account the freshness of the ingredients or the bioavailability of the nutrients, and these factors do matter if we’re talking about the health and well-being of your pet.


Let’s take a look at why better ingredients are an important part of the dog food that you select, and what brands are worth a look at if you are trying to improve your dog’s diet in a positive way.


Why High-Quality Dog Food Ingredients Matter

The links between a proper diet and optimal health are fairly established at this point, whether we’re talking about dogs, people, or any other animal for that matter. Our cells use the nutrients in the food we eat to replicate and communicate, which accounts for a majority of our bodily processes. Everything from the strength of your dog’s bones to the luster of their fur is determined by the nutrients they are receiving.


Not all of the nutrients you find in pet food are the same quality, either. Just because a certain nutrient is listed as being in a certain product, doesn’t necessarily mean your pet can make full use of it. The more processed the food is and the longer the food has been sitting on a shelf or in a factory somewhere, the less likely it will contain bioavailable nutrition. Certain nutrients are almost entirely destroyed during the cooking process, while others simply become difficult for your pet to assimilate.


Overly processed foods in general are bad for your pet and shouldn’t be relied on for a complete and balanced diet. Biologically speaking, your pet is craving all-natural food that is as close to its original form as possible. Fresh, high-quality food made with healthy ingredients will retain more valuable trace nutrients, plant sterols, and other compounds.


Sure, most dogs are more than grateful to chow down on whatever you put in front of them. Dogs have scavenger instincts and aren’t miffed by such lofty concepts as “filler ingredients” and “low bioavailability.” As long as it tastes alright, your dog is likely not to have a problem with it unless a certain ingredient upsets their stomach.


This is where, as responsible pet owners, we have to intervene and help our pets get the nutrients that their bodies are craving. They don’t have access to the wild and can’t search for high-quality nutrition on their own. It’s up to us to give it to them.


While something as simple as the food you feed your pet may seem relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, it is actually one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your dog is staying healthy and strong. Everything from their immune system to their joint health, and even the look of their fur, involves high-quality nutrition.


With the help of a varied diet full of fresher ingredients, your dog stands a much better chance of staying fit and happy throughout their life, which is ultimately what we want for our pets most of all.


The Best Wet Food For Dogs by Brand

While some pet stores do make an effort to carry a solid variety of dog food, in most instances your choices are going to be severely limited if you are looking for the best of the best. For premium dog food formulated with fresh ingredients, you might want to consider looking online.


Our store here at My Pets Plus is proud to offer an incredible selection of the best wet food for dogs, from brands that truly care about the way their products are formulated. Can the products that these brands offer truly make a difference for your pet?


In terms of nutrition, absolutely. With a much more varied selection of fine-quality ingredients, especially in terms of berries and vegetables, along with organic and GMO-free ingredients and better cuts of meat from more holistic sources, you have everything you need for a more balanced diet.


Your dog might not be a picky eater, but you should be on their behalf. If you want them to be as healthy as possible, it’s important to take a close look at what you are feeding them and go that extra mile to ensure that the wet food you are providing for them is packed with nutrients and crafted with an awareness of what they really need.




Earthborn Holistic

When it comes to dog food that features the best ingredients and zero filler, Earthborn Holistic has everything you’re looking for. Our store carries an assortment of their products because their tasty formulas are a hit with dogs and pet owners alike. From savory beef to nutritious duck and lamb, their products also sport an abundance of plant-based ingredients that your dog will love.


One of the best aspects of Earthborn Holistic is their emphasis on wholesome nutrition and a relationship with animals and the planet that runs deep. Their packaging is even sustainable, constructed out of a plant-based plastic that is biodegradable. When you want quality wet dog food that your pet won’t be able to get enough of and that you can feel good knowing is from a brand that cares about your pet and the environment as well, Earthborn Holistic is an easy choice.


Taste of The Wild

One of the elements that’s often lacking in mass-market dog food is that appreciation of the wild nature of our dogs. That spirit within them that’s longing for adventure, and that wants to taste what nature has to offer. This is one of the driving factors that led to the creation of our own dog food line in North Winds Premium, and it is also one of the important aspects of Taste of the Wild.


Once you begin exploring healthy diet alternatives for your dog, you will often hear phrases such as “ancestral diet.” What does this phrase really mean in light of feeding your pet the right kinds of foods?




Without diving too deep into the details, the theory behind feeding your pets an ancestral diet is that such diets better cater toward the true biological needs of your animal, down to a DNA level. After all, dogs are descended from grey wolves and share a vast bulk of their DNA, which one would expect to be reflected in their eating habits.


Breeds, cultural preferences, and other factors may play a role in what your pet prefers in terms of taste, but there is evidence that points to there being plenty of biological commonalities in the nutritional requirements for dogs, all of which stem from this primal origin. Ultimately, dog foods that focus on a wild, ancestral approach seek to mimic what your pet would likely have access to if they were still hunting and scavenging in the wild like a wolf of old.


Taste of the Wild, for instance, uses recipes that contain lamb, beef, and other choice meats, combined with potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, fish oil, and a cache of other fine ingredients that truly make for an all-natural experience.


Fromm Family

For exceptional taste in every finely-crafted recipe, Fromm Family’s products are exactly what you want to be stocked in your home if you want to keep your dog active and strong. They are another brand that is dedicated to putting together hearty recipes that appeal to your dog’s wild tastes while incorporating ingredients like rice, carrots, and peas. You can tell by looking at Fromm Family’s formulas that they have gone to great lengths to form creative and tantalizing products that your dog will love.



A brand of dog food that focuses on high-quality protein sources above all, Inception is all about making sure your dog stays fit and lean with choice meats supplemented by plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. If you want to feed that “carnivore” side of your dog, Inception definitely has the grain-free recipes and formulas your dog won’t be able to get enough of.





This is one brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its heartfelt approach to formulating only the best wet dog food for dogs around. You’re not going to find any fillers or cheap grains here, as all of their recipes strongly emphasize quality protein and select plant-based ingredients for products that really shine.


A few points that set them apart as a brand is their focus on hydrating foods, which is one area that dogs sometimes have trouble with, and minimal carbs. While your dog can certainly make use of high-quality vegetables, brands like Weruva understand that a majority of the calories in your dog’s diet should come from meat.





A minimal list of ingredients is what healthy brand Koha focuses on. One of the main downsides to mass-market pet food is that it often contains a laundry list of ingredients, not all of which are ideal for your pet. If you have to read through a litany of hard-to-pronounce chemical preservatives, you know you are in the wrong place.


That’s why Koha has gone the distance to formulate wet food that contains minimal ingredients and processing for superior taste and quality. Their recipes include delicious ingredients like pumpkin, chicken breast, green beans, salmon oil, and a variety of other natural foods.


For an irresistible taste and rich nutrition, Koha is certainly a brand you can trust to help keep your pet healthy.


Why These Brands Can Make a Difference For Your Pet

All of these brands that we carry in our store have one thing in common: they all pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients. It’s not about meeting minimum nutritional standards or anything so arbitrary. These brands truly care about your pet and want what’s best for them.


By appealing to the wild tastes of your pet, and including a greater variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients, these brands craft formulas that you can feel confident about when it’s time to feed your dog.




For years, pet food has been held to a much lower standard of quality when compared to the food that’s formulated for us. For pet owners, this has never made much sense. Our animals deserve the same degree of high-quality nutrition as we do - in fact, since their systems are more delicate than ours and we understand their biological needs less than our own, doesn’t it make sense to go out of our way to make sure that they are getting the highest quality food possible?


Here at My Pets Plus, we believe that what you feed your pet makes a difference. We only carry the best in terms of brands that emphasize integrity and freshness in their ingredient list, with formulas that provide impactful, superior nutrition.


For pet owners who want to transform their pet’s diet and provide them with better-quality nutrition that they will come running for, we have what you’re looking for. There’s no reason to settle for that mass-market chow you find in supermarkets, especially when it’s easier than ever to stock up on these quality brands by shopping online.


Yes, all of the incredible dog food brands that we mentioned above, along with several others, are available right here on our online store and can easily be purchased and delivered right to your door. Make it a habit and your dog will have his or her eyes open whenever the mail truck comes around!

July 28, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.