What makes the 'best' wet cat food?

We look for foods that are biologically appropriate while also having the correct amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates for your cat. Maintaining a good ratio between these nutrients is what keeps your cat healthy in the long term.

Many people don't know this, but cats are often chronically dehydrated. Unlike dogs, cats won't simply sit at the water dish drinking water all day! They also have a harder time drinking from the toilet, thankfully!

We carry many different cat products on our website, and even more in our store in Bemidji, Minnesota! We love helping our customers with their pets, so please visit anytime!

When you feed your cat dry food only, you're actually reducing the amount of moisture they are able to take in throughout the day. This can lead to hydration issues down the road.

If you want to watch the video, click this link! If you prefer to read, we've got you covered.


First up is Weruva!

Weruva makes a classic diet, Truluxe, Pate, Cats in the kitchen, B.F.F and B.F.F.O.M.G!

 These diets are just plain awesome. In fact, when it comes to our store in Bemidji, it is our most popular wet cat food by far! It comes in many varieties, moisture levels, proteins, and textures. All of their diets will be low in carbohydrates with proper amounts of fat and protein. Take a peek at our website to see all that Weruva has to offer!

Second is Koha.

Koha Pure Shreds will be just in three forms at the moment, but each one is super healthy and uses chicken primarily in each diet. I like it due to it’s simplicity and the use of pumpkin and carrots as super foods. Perfect for a cat with digestion issues.

Third is Earthborn.

Earthborn is really another sleeper food as well! A ton of different varieties in pouches and cans, so there should be a different texture for every kind of cat. Each in high in protein and all of the cans are more of a stew with the pouches being more of a tuna based mix.

The cool thing about all three of these? Human grade cans and pouches come from a human grade facility, which means your cat is eating a food that is very healthy and safe.

All of these options come in a variety of price points as well. We always say that feeding your cat the best possible diet that you can reasonably afford is the goal. The closer we can to mimicking their ancestral diet, the better the cat will be and ideally, we can avoid some of those future vet bills!

November 05, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.