When people shop at our store they often ask us what OUR favorite things are: From pet food to cat treats and everything in between!

In this video, We go over the 3 store favorites when it comes to pet toys. After all, the holidays are right around the corner and it’s never too early to do some gift shopping for your four legged friend!


Number 1: The Meowijuana Cat Toys.

Okay, when we decided to make a toy video this was everyone’s first pick! The Meowijuana cat toy line gets so much attention in store, it’s got a hilarious name and the toys themselves are even better. Cat joints? Seriously?!


Most of the meowijuana line uses catnip within the toys themselves to keep your cat entertained for hours. These are a store favorite for good reason and now there is even Doggijuana as well! So your dog won’t feel left out!


Number 2: The Dino Bone.

Normally you wouldn’t call a bone a ‘toy’ just because bones tend not to last -that- long. The Dino bone is an exception. It’s absolutely massive, and even the most persistent dog is going to have to spend days, maybe even weeks, trying to put a dent in this thing.


As with everything from North Winds Premium, this bone is one of the best options out there simply because of how they produce their products. North Winds Premium avoids nasty preservatives and other unknown ingredients when it comes to their pet food, treats, chews and bones.


Does it count as a toy? Today it does! Occasionally we do a sale on these bones too, so you can buy 3 of them and save 33% on the whole order. If you bought 3 of these your dog would probably be set for the year!


Number 3: West Paw Dog Toys

West Paw is a favorite of dogs and our staff alike! West Paw Toys are made in Montana every toy many of their toys are BPA free, latex free, and non toxic. One of my favorite is the Seaflex toys! These are safe, sustainable, and the best part is it’s 88% zogoflex. This is a zero waste proprietary plastic and 12% reclaimed ocean bound plastic! Dogs LOVE to chew on these!


West Paw’s zogoflex is also infinitely recycble as well! Once your toy is chewed up, it can be ground up and made back into a new toy! Crazy right?


Even their soft toys and dog beds have been carefully created and tested to ensure no harmful chemicals are in them. This is a great company.


There are different grades of toughness depending on how your dog chews. Gentle for smaller, younger, and older dogs. Tough chewers, for those who need a toy to last, and moderate which is everything in between!


There are so many colors, variety, and options to use. West Paw Toys are a must for every dogs home, as well as a force for good with the way West Paw produces, recycles, and operates. They are a USA made product and are doing a great thing for the planet.


As you can probably tell, we have a lot of different things at Pets Plus that are sure to get your pet’s attention. From dinosaur bones to meowijuana, to awesome toys like West Paw, we can make sure your pet has something fun to keep them occupied during the day!


We have a lot of fun putting these videos together for you guys, if you have a pet product you think we should review or carry in the store comment below and we’ll check it out! Thank you for watching!

November 02, 2021 — Pets Plus Inc.