Why Pork is a great option for your dog's food!

Running a neighborhood pet store for over 15 years means I have heard many concerns about proteins, carbs, what is good in pet food, and what is bad.

Typically my initial reaction is that you would better off feeding a diet that has a high amount of quality animal proteins and enough carbohydrates to hold the kibble together (when it comes to dry food). But honestly, that can be easily misinterpreted just meat and whichever carbohydrate source. This can be frustrating because there are proteins that are not digestible like skin or feathers, or be of a less quality protein.

Carbohydrates matter because plants have cellulose, lignin, and other non fermentable fibers, making them less digestible. I often avoid corn and wheat for that very reason in a pet food. Plus it’s also in a time where we know that there are more digestible carbohydrates available. But in the end, they still will not be as digestible as an animal sourced protein of good quality.

Despite many people looking for food of good quality proteins, they skip over pork. But why? There can be rumors that say pork is high in fat, which has 1/3 the fat content of beef, which many customers easily and happily use beef. Another rumor is that there could be something poor for your dogs liver, another is that pigs eat bugs, or its scarce like a novel protein like duck, bison, or rabbit, which is isn’t (just look at the supermarket shelves).

Just like beef, chicken, or fish, where pork comes from matters. We always aim to source from trusted and responsible suppliers. Not only is this better for the well being of the planet, but you often getting a product that has been shown more omega 3’s, a better ratio of omega 6 and omega 3, as well more vitamin E.

Pork is very digestible and has a favorable amino acid profile as well as being a neutral meat in Traditional Chinese medicine. Pork also has many other benefits such as being high in linoleic acid. This will maintain your dogs skin due to helping with the outermost water barrier as well as so many essential molecules in your dogs body are made from linoleic acid.

Pork has a balanced ratio of monounsaturated and saturated fats. This is important because a diet that not balanced between fats, inflammation can occur and health issues will rise. Dogs can metabolize up to 95% of the fats in their system, but fan digestion is far more complex then breaking down and assimilating protein and carbohydrates. At 95%, fat is still highly digestible and accessible form of energy while being essential (which means they cannot make it themselves) for their well being.

Pork is also great to use as a protein due to the fact that it might have a lower amount of protein per pound, it allows us to continue to make a food low on carbohydrates while having lower protein and fat for pet parents that rather see lower numbers due to lower energy requirements. Simply put, it’s a way to keep animal meat content high, while not filling up the food with more carbohydrates or other ingredients that will not add to the over digestibility of the food.

Pork organ meat, which we use in our Freeze Dried Trail Breaker is also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Simply put:

  • Pork is very digestible
  • Favorable amino acid profile
  • Rich in linoleic Acids
  • Balanced ratio of monounsaturated and saturated fats.
  • Pork organ meats are a great source of vitamins and minerals

In conclusion

Pork is a high quality and very digestible protein with a wonderful amino acid profile. Myths about pork being high in fat, causing pancreatitis, poor for their liver, can cause trichinosis (all pet foods are cooked as well as tested), or that it’s a novel or scarce protein are just that, myths, that’s why it’s incredibly hard to even find evidence to even collaborate the myths. It’s hard to overlook so many health benefits while skipping over such a great protein. At our retail location, we often have used pork to even combat sensitivities and allergies.

At North Winds we do believe that nature knows best, that’s why we use pork as a protein in our Cascade Choice, Portage Prime, Trail Breaker dry, Grain Free Sawtooth Mountain, and our freeze dried Trail Breaker. Our goal is to make the best dog food using best parts of nature and science to ensure we do make great choices because your dog deserves it.








January 11, 2023 — Pets Plus Inc.