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Terms of Agreement.

By visiting this website or purchasing any of our products you agree to have read, understood and promise to abide by our Terms of Service. Also, using this website or any of our resources on behalf of another is considered consent and agreement by the third party.. If you are not in agreement with any of our Terms of Service, you are not granted permission to use this website or any of our services.



In as much as you agree to abide by all of our Terms of Service, you are granted untransferable authorization to access this website for your personal usage alone. You may not use any of our products or services for any unlawful or prohibited uses. Without our express consent, under no conditions are you permitted to duplicate any content, product or service. We reserve the rights to terminate your usage if you are found to have violated any of our Terms of Service.

Gathering Information

Every information gathered from you is for the sole purpose of providing you a better experience using our websites and our products.

We may request to gather personal and other types of information from you. Personal information includes your name, address, phone number and payment details. All these are required for the placement and completion of your order and delivery. However, they will not be shared with third parties except if necessary, to complete your order. We observe a non-disclosure policy that binds us and our agents who have access to your personal information from sharing them.

Other types of information gathered are mainly about your usage of our services. Number of page views, I.P address, browser details and other usage related details will be gathered. This may be shared with third parties but without revealing your personal information or identity.


My Pets Plus Products and Services

We reserve the rights to the availability of all our products or services. In some cases, we might have products or services which are available in limited quantity. Therefore, we hold the rights to withhold or limit the sales of any of our product or service to any location, persons or group of persons as we deem fit. We also reserve the rights to stop the production of any product at any time.


Information Accuracy

My Pets Plus is under no obligation to be held liable if any content or information on this website is no longer current or accurate. Our content is channeled towards providing general information to our customers without any focus placed on the rightness or the timelines of the information. We may sometimes update our website contents from time to time however, that might not be a guarantee of accuracy. Dependence on the information is done at your own risk.


Forbidden Usage

You are forbidden from using our website or any of our contents for any of the following purposes.

  1. To violate or encourage others to violate any local, national or international laws

  2. To submit deceptive or false information

  3. For harassing, discriminating, abusing based on religion, gender, age, any other reason at all

  4. To threaten the security of our service or any other website

  5. For any purpose that can be considered unlawful

  6. For any indecent or dishonest purposes

Your permission for usage will be rescinded if you are found engaging in any of the above.



Prices and Services Alteration

My Pets Plus will not be held liable to you or any third party for any alteration in our prices or cancellation of any services. We hold the rights to modify or cancel any of our services without prior notification.

Updates to Our Terms of Service

My Pets Plus reserves the right review and modify the Terms of Service at our discretion. Updated Terms begin to apply immediately and we consider your continual usage as comprehension and agreement. Therefore, we advise that you check our Terms of Service regularly to get any updates.


If you are unclear about any of the above terms or you have any questions, kindly send us an email at If you have any returns, refund issues or any questions, you can send us an email at