North Winds Premium True Course 500MG Board Spectrum Hemp Extract Dog & Cat Supplement, 1 OZ.


North Winds Premium True Course Hemp Extract 500MG

North Winds Premium is proud to have certified True Course Broad Spectrum Industrial Hemp Extract! North Winds Premium True Course hemp extract is 100% THC free but still contains all cannabinoids, since each of the cannabinoid effects different parts of the body differently, our goal was to have them all in our oil.

Made from high quality and organically grown GMO-free hemp plants, you’ll find that our hemp extract would can be used in so many different situations. True Course is here to help with the journey ahead because on every trail, should be a tail.

GMO Free

100% THC Free

Can help with pain relief.
Can help with inflammation.
Can help with inflammatory bowel disease.
Supports heart health.
Aids with nausea.
Aids manage seizures and epilepsy.
Aids to improve appetite.
Reduces social anxiety & separation anxiety.
Rich in antioxidants & supports the immune system.

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Should you give your pet supplements?

Supplements can be a great way to improve your pup's quality of life. Some supplements work great as an addition to your dog's food, like our True Course Salmon Oil which improves your dog's skin and coat.

Other supplements are designed to be taken more like a daily vitamin and help with things like digestion. If you aren't quite sure if a supplement is right for your dog, please feel free to ask us! With 30 years in the pet industry, we would love to help you find the right products for your pet.

Keep your pup's tail on the trail.

North Winds Premium Pet Supplements

We have a full selection of supplements to aid with things like digestion, skin and coat care and anxiety.

We only create and offer supplements that we would use on our own pets at home.

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