Trusted by pet owners since 1992

Pets Plus of Bemidji is a locally and family owned pet supply store specializing in customer service and excellent pet products. With our emphasis in care of both the pet and the customer, we strive to make every experience the best possible outcome.
Pets Plus looks forward to helping you with all of your pet supply needs! From your favorite dog, cat, small, animal, critter, indoor, and outdoor bird needs, Pets Plus has a caring staff ready and waiting to personally help you find the perfect match for you and your budget. Pets Plus is locally owned, family owned, and committed to serving Bemidji and our customers throughout the United States, into our second generation. Let us earn your business today!

Why North Winds Premium Products?

Our company is inspired by the nature around us to produce the best in pet food and care. We’re family owned and operated in beautiful Northern, Minnesota and if you’ve been here, it’s easy to see what inspires us. From the rolling plains, to the thick and green forests, to the rocky shores and Lake Superior, it doesn’t take long to be caught nature’s abundance and be inspired.

Our goal from the beginning was simple, to provide pet owners and their animals with thoughtful formulas and solutions that they can trust. Nutrition is essential for our pets and we take that seriously, that’s why each of our solutions is meat dense, high in calorie, to exceed a pets diet and needs without unnatural fillers or suspect ingredients. We love our pets, so we want them happy, healthy, and moving forward on the trail with you or by your side. After all, at the beginning of every trail, should be a tail, and your pet wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We’re passionate about the pets we feed, the customers who love them, and the communities we serve.

Our Values

Integrity matters, so let Pets Plus do the guess work for you by doing diligent research on all of the brands we carry, so you can be reassured that you have a product that is healthy for your pet.

We believe in supporting brands that responsibly source ingredients, use safe production techniques, and are truth worthy in their nature.

Everything we carry must be a product that we would feed to our own pets and worthy of your pets experience.

Customers deserve a return on their pet food, treats, chews, and more so the pet and the owner is satisfied.

Customer Service
We believe in product knowledge and treating each customer with respect and honesty.

The North Star Story is a Story of Family

North Winds Premium is a premium pet food company that specializes in natural and top-quality pet food and pet care products.

Our story is a story of family. Pets Plus was founded in 1992 by Jim and Mary Joy when one of their beloved Labradors required a special diet and all efforts to get it locally failed. When the Joy eventually got the special diet they needed to be delivered to their home, they realized the importance of finding the best products from trusted sources. As a result of this, North Star Premium was born.

At North Star Premium, we are committed to you and your pet’s health as an extension of our commitment to you and your pet’s health. We love pets and are dedicated to providing them with the highest quality of care you can find.

Our story is a story of a family.

Pets Plus was founded in 1992 by Jim and Mary Joy when one of their beloved labradors required a special diet. Without a local solution and after much research, they found a special diet and had it delivered to their home.

After seeing the results from their endeavor, the Joys immediately saw results and know they could help other pet owners with solutions for their pets. The Joys decided to start a delivery only pet food company and Pets Plus was born. In 1998, after several years of delivering each bag door to door, Pets Plus opened their storefront in beautiful Bemidji, Minnesota, where it is today! Their first store was less then one thousand square feet, but the Joys knew customers would help other pet owners with issues. With excellent products, great customer service, delivering product knowledge, and honest, Pets Plus grew into what it is today.

In 2012, Mary and Christopher, son and second generation pet food retailer, found that the pet food industry was changing away from being pet focused and customer orientated. Speaking with some of the leading nutritionists, their love of pets, and experiences, North Winds Premium was formed in 2013 to the highest of standards to ensure that customers would be provided with the best pet food that is inspired by the abundance of beautiful nature around Minnesota.

We are proud to offer the following under our North Winds Premium label & True Course supplement line.

* North Winds Premium Haven
* North Winds Premium Ancient Grains
* North Winds Premium Grain Free
* North Winds Premium Treats & Chews
* True Course supplements